Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gift Tags Gift


I'm a bit late with my blog this week.  I had my Grandson and started as a Class Instructor at Hobby Lobby this week.
Pray for Me!
I made these gift tags as a little gift for a couple of co-workers.
You could use the tags for a wedding, bridal shower gifts, or anything really.
I put them in a little bird cage and wrapped in cellophane and it makes a great little gift for teachers, friends, co-workers.
They really loved them.
I used paper from the Hobby Lobby paper bins for the background.
I created the white flowers from an SVG Cuts 3d flower file.
The middles and the peach flowers I purchased at a yard sale. I sure do wish I had purchased more.  (I always do that)
I used white card stock and you can't see in the photo, but used some glitter around the yellow middle for some sparkle.
I used a pen to get the bends in the flower.  I used an ink pad to get the shading on the leaves of the white flower.  I used a punch for the leaves on the peach flower.  These are easy peasy and a great little gift.
Below is the file from previous posts.
Baby Girl Top SVG              Hot Air Balloon SVG            Bear SVG

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  1. A very elegant and beautiful card. Nice of you to supply how and with what you created it.

    Thanks for sharing it.