Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Fifties

Hi Crafters!

I had to make so many cards for the family this month I had to make this card for my two brothers, who were born the same day two years apart, (weird right?) quickly.
I just got my new Peachy Keen stamps which are so cute.
I used one of the PK stamps inside the 45 record.
I inked the lips red and chalked the cheeks
I used triple thick on the outside layer of the record
which is cut in black.
I made the bottom layer white. I made the mid layer flat black.
You should make that layer whatever color you want
the record label.  I hand wrote all the lettering for time sake.
I cut the car out of an ad.
I added a ribbon and that was about it.

If you would like the file for the record just leave me a comment below.
Thanks for looking and I LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!!


  1. iwas a teenager in the 50's! Love what you've done with the card. Thanks for sharing the steps for making it.

  2. This is really cute. You are so creative.