Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter Basket for My Granddaughter

I made these baskets for my Granddaughter Olivia.  Good thing I started Easter early whew!!  I made the eyes by punching out three ovals (two black, one blue) I glued them together and coated with "Triple Thick". Once they dried, I let them dry overnight, I penned white highlight in a starish shape.  I pencilled in the eyelashes first, when I was happy with the way they looked I went over them with marker. I chalked the cheeks and ears with pink.
The nose is just a rounded triangle with triple thick and highlighted. The front paws are ovals ( I have the files
if there is enough interest I will leave the files next week) I drew the paws in with pencil than went over them with pink marker. The back paws I have the file for. I just drew in the face same thing pencil than pink marker. The ribbon was a sale at Hobby Lobby.  I hot glued everything onto the basket. The whiskers are white wire.  I think I put white punched out dots over top by the nose.  The mini bunny tail is a pom pom, the big bunny is a cotton ball. The mini bunny is a box that a pen came in from the dollar bin at Michael's. (Not really a dollar anymore) I think that's everything.  If not let me know.


I will post the SVG's for the face, ears, back and paws next week as long as there is enough interest.
Leave me a comment in the "comment section to let me know if you'd like the files"


  1. I would love to have a copy of your easter basket files. They are just tooo cute. Thank you


  2. that is a wonderful and precious basket I would certainly like the files thanks!

  3. Very cute!! Would love the files. TFS

  4. What a wonderful basket:) I would like the files.
    Thank you :)

  5. how adorable! i would love the file.

  6. my daughter likes the basket very much.Can I have the files?thks


  7. These baskets are so cute. I also have a granddaughter named Olivia....but she's only a month old. I think I'll make her a basket for next year. Beautiful work.


  8. Lori these are amazing. I would love to have the files to make baskets for my nieces and nephews. Absolutly adorable. Thanks Cindy